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Magnesium Scottish Shower
€21.82 -40%
General or partial application of a mineral-medicinal water shower. The percussion produced by the drops of water under pressure on the skin is a source of stimulation of the cutaneous receptor mechanisms, which, acting in a continuous manner, produce the effects of a massage, achieving; muscle relaxation, adhesion release, sedation, venous and lymphatic drainage, increased blood flow.
Magnesium Pressure Jet
€21.82 -40%
Application of the Spa's mineral-medicinal water based on the projection of a water flow at certain temperature and pressure, which is directed manually and oriented to those areas to be treated following a predetermined path. It achieves an immediate effect of relief of pain close to a manual massage, so that it has relaxing, analgesic and toning effects.
Head and Face Massage Japanese Lifting
€66.36 -25%
Based on ancient techniques of embellishment of Japanese origin combined with oriental drainage of face, head and neck. It's like a facelift without surgery. The effect is of "rested face", the stress trace vanishes and the dermal tension recovers. With a continuous treatment over time, this type of therapy reduces wrinkles and sagging and improves the overall texture of the skin.