Masaje Terapéutico con Bañera de Magnesio Bono
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Therapeutic Massage with Magnesium Bath Voucher

Voucher that includes:

  • 10 session pack of Therapeutic Massage, with a 50 minute duration per session.
  • Digital version of the Voucher automatically sent to email.
  • 12 months validity.
  • Use from Monday to Sunday at any time.
  • Activation in 24 hours.
  • Book from the web.
  • Availability of use guaranteed.
€597.27 (tax incl.) €663.64 -10% €597.27 (tax excl.)


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Thermal water with magnesium Thermal water with magnesium

Deep tissue massages Deep tissue massages

For adults only For adults only (check exception)

Individual changing rooms Individual changing rooms


Deep Tissue Massage - Full Body

Massage that consists of discharging the accumulated tensions, it is applied slowly and with a firm and progressive pressure. In order to alleviate pain, reduce or eliminate muscle tension, improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Decontracting Massage - Local

Massage aimed at relaxing the muscles and contractures that are produced by bad postures, stress, tension or sedentary lifestyle.

Relaxing Massage

Massage aimed at improving your well-being since its maximum objective is to increase the production of endorphins. Due to the sensitivity of the skin, the massage improves the function of glands, organs and nerves, while relaxing the muscles and providing a positive emotional feeling.

Sports Massage

Massage that prepares tissues for sports effort, prevention and recovery of injuries in training and competition. Recovery of injuries that occur and the physical shape of the athlete. They can be classified into three types of pre-competition, recovery and maintenance massages.

Vichy Shower Massage

Massage under mineral-medicinal water throughout the body with a relaxing and sedative effect. Aimed to recover the body after an intense sport activity. It helps blood circulation and improves muscle contractures.

Head and Face Massage

This type of massage is recommended for people with stiff shoulders, migraines, stress and tension in the neck and lower jaw area.

Head and Face Massage Japanese Lifting

Based on ancient techniques of embellishment of Japanese origin combined with oriental drainage of face, head and neck. It's like a facelift without surgery. The effect is of "rested face", the stress trace vanishes and the dermal tension recovers. With a continuous treatment over time, this type of therapy reduces wrinkles and sagging and improves the overall texture of the skin.

Foot Massage

Relaxing massage on the feet.


Firm but delicate application of pressure on both feet to stimulate your reflex points and thus relieve tension in the body and soothe emotions.

Circulatory Anti-Cellulite Massage

Manual massage that has the property of fragmenting the fatty nodules into smaller molecules to facilitate their elimination.

Ayurveda Massage

Massage performed with essential oils and serves especially, not only to relieve specific pain, but as a preventive medicine, as it increases blood circulation; stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system; and, it opens the flow of the vital force with the objective of cleaning and revitalizing the body. In addition, it provides other benefits such as symptomatic stress relief and the generation of positive emotions to make us feel better both physically and mentally.