Piscina de Magnesio
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Take Care of Your Health:

  • Continuous disinfection.
  • Capacity limited to 5 people/hour.
  • The special characteristics of our mineral-medicinal water, its physicochemical composition, and its emergency temperature (43° Celsius) allow us to offer you maximum safety conditions with high humidity levels above 80% and an ambient temperature of more than 30° Celsius in the Magnesium Pool. All of them are factors that promote the deactivation of viruses. (download report)

Must Usage:

  • Swimming suite.
  • Swimming cap.
  • Flip flops.
  • Towel.

Booking Recommendation:

If you are going to book the product on different dates, we recommend that you do so in separate orders, in this way each product will have its unique numerical identification.

Magnesium Pool

Dynamic thermal pool containing, activated by several push buttons, the following effects: jets, hot tubs, bubble beds, waterfall, swan neck, bubble volcano and countercurrent jet, as well as our hyperthermal water and high mineralization (high magnesium content).

€21.82 (tax incl.) €21.82 (tax excl.)

Non-Refundable Rate: reservation without the right to cancel, but with the right to modify the dates of reservation if you notify us 48 hours before your arrival.

Read Reservation Modification Procedure


Book the Exclusivity of the Magnesium Pool, selecting the option "Group/Family up to 5 People (Exclusive Use)" in the People section.



Thermal water with magnesium Thermal water with magnesium

Therapeutic treatments Therapeutic treatments

Different prices per hour Different prices per hour

For adults only For adults only (exception)