One & Only Urban Thermal Spa of Valencia

Relaxing, looking better, younger, enjoying greater vitality, getting rid of muscular pain, getting in shape, feeling good both physically and mentally, are all great yearnings of the human being that are possible to achieve in a natural way, taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by Alameda Thermal Spa. It's a thermal spa in a big city. There are very few cities in the world that have a natural thermal water (also known as mineral-medicinal water) source in the urban area. In Valencia, we are the only ones that can be called urban thermal spa. The water naturally arises at a temperature of 43°C. The predominant minerals are magnesium, copper and zinc, which allows the water to be a powerful natural analgesic, while at the same time it enables relaxation and the rejuvenation of skin.

Alameda Thermal Spa’s water is hyperthermal (it arises at 43°C), and of a high mineralization. It can exactly be defined as sodium, magnesium and moderately sulfurated and sulphated chlorided. Its most important indications are for: rheumatology, dermatology, respiratory, and nervous system. As the most distinctive features of the water depending on its components and different modes of application we can point out the following:

  • The water has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, making it softer, due to the abundance of copper and zinc in this water, which, as is known, are the active principles of most cosmetic products.
  • It’s a water with a sedative effect on the body and reduces the pain of rheumatic type due to the very important presence of magnesium in it.
  • Being sodium chloride water, it’s also has a stimulating effect when used in the dynamic pool.



Our waters will provide you with the relaxation you need to free yourself from the daily life stress. Its high magnesium content (92 mg per liter), that is absorbed through the skin is scientifically demonstrated, in baths and showers, to provide the desired relaxation, both muscular and nervous type. The Spa’s water are chloride sodium, with an important presence of a mineral magnesium, which enhances the effects of relaxation both physical and mental. With a simple thermal bath or Roman Bath you will get the desired relaxation. And if you also accompany it with a massage, this will enhance the effects of the thermal water. The magnesium that is absorbed through the skin is what makes you sometimes fall asleep 20 minutes after, when you take a bath in one of our Roman style marble bathtubs.


Pain Relief

At Alameda Thermal Spa you will find everything you need to recover the comfort and tranquility that our body needs, to avoid its accelerated deterioration, a consequence of the busy life that we carry. The thermal spa’s water are chlorided sodium. At high temperatures, around 38 degrees, they can help with pain relief and muscle hypertonia. With a single thermal bath you will notice the analgesic powers of the water, the improvement will increase with a more continuous use. The Spa’s water exerts an unbeatable well-being, once you try our thermal techniques for a few days.


Feel Younger

Thanks to the mineral medicinal waters of Balneario La Alameda, which are indicated in some pathologies of the skin, due to its high copper and zinc content, besides magnesium, it enables the delay of the aging of the skin, due to its anti-free radical properties. The anti-aging properties of the Spa’s waters are mainly due to copper and zinc involved in the activation of various enzymatic systems, which perform these processes of neutralization of the feared free radicals responsible for aging. It has been scientifically demonstrated, in a study carried out by Spanish hydrologists at Universidad Carlos III, that the effect of medicinal waters on these free radicals begins with the completion of ten consecutive baths. That is why it is confirmed what has always been said in European spas in the famous saying "nine baths to make an effective thermal treatment". The continued use of the water softens and improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a younger appearance. Therefore, our waters collaborate in the delay of the aging of the skin and helps recover its smooth appearance.



Are you down, you lack the strength in your day to day? Did you know that Balneario Alameda's waterst can be stimulating? Sodium chloride water is a very important therapeutic agent in the treatment of many pathological processes and in the prevention and recovery of very diverse diseases. These waters behave as organic multifunctional stimulants. A swim in the Dynamic Pool at approximately 35°C is stimulant, improves the circulation of internal organs, and activates metabolic changes.