We Are A Thermal Spa

Who says a place has mineral-medicinal water, therefore is a thermal Spa?

In a real thermal spa the water is mineral-medicinal (also known as thermal water). That is to say, the water has minerals in its composition that makes it useful in the treatment of different ailments and as a preventive therapy for different diseases. Who says if a place has mineral-medicinal waters, therefore is a thermal Spa? It would be the Government through a file of declaration of public utility of the water. It declares that it os mineral-medicinal water due to its health effects of on the body. In other words, you need a public record to declare the condition mineral-medicinal water.

Different Effects

Each mineral-medicinal water is a distinct and unique "cocktail" because its composition is different, although it is the same type of water, due to the greater or lesser presence of each mineral, its combination with another, and the different effects produced by each one. about the organism.


There are different classifications of mineral-medicinal water depending on its temperature or predominant component, but, it is important to point out that each water is different, and only its use over the years determines exactly what are the beneficial effects for people's health in each specific case.

Medical Service

A thermal Spa has a Doctor or medical service that ensures that the treatments that the clients enjoy are well designed, that the appropriate recommendations are provided, a beneficial use is made for the health of the facilities, and the appropriate cleaning controls are followed.

Why is the word thermal Spa used to designate places on the beach or Spas without mineral-medicinal water?

Why is the word thermal Spa used to designate places on the beach or Spas without mineral-medicinal water? The thermal Spas were the typical option for holidays in the nineteenth century. When you start visiting the beaches, the word thermal Spa is used as a synonym of a holiday center, even if the baths contained sea water. The so-called Spas or places that work with tap water use the word Spa, knowing the prestige that it implies, to try to make their customers recognize them better. Although this shouldn't be confused: one thing is a thermal Spa, that contains mineral-medicinal water, and another very different the so-called "urban Spas" that use tap water that has no benefit on the people using it due to its composition.

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