Mineral-medicinal water, sodium chloride, calcium sulphates, moderately sulphurus

With our water you will find the relax you need to free yourself from the daily stress.

High Magnesium Levels. 92 mg. per liter

Thanks to its high levels of magnesium (92 mg per liter), that when absorbed through the skin is scientifically proven, in baths and showers we can obtain the desired relaxation, both muscular and nervous.

Improvement of Insomnia and Stress

Balneario La Alameda's water is chlorinated sodium, with a high level of the mineral magnesium, which enhances physical and mental relaxation effects. With a simple thermal bath or Roman bath you will get the desired relaxation. And if you also accompany it with a massage, the effects of thermal water will be enhanced.

The magnesium that is absorbed through the skin makes you fall asleep when you take a bath in one of our Roman style marble bathtubs, after twenty minutes of application.

Magnesium Roman Bath of Balneario La Alameda