One and Only Urban Thermal Spa in Valencia

Do You Like to Take Care of Yourself?

Relax, look better, younger, enjoy greater vitality, get rid of muscular pains, get fit, feel good both physically and mentally, are all great desires of the human being that can be achieved in a natural way, taking advantage of all the possibilities that Balneario La Alameda offers us.

Balneario La Alameda is Unique

It's a thermal Spa in a big city. There are very few cities in the world that have a mineral-medicinal water source in the urban area. In Valencia, we are the only ones that can be called urban thermal Spa.

43 Degrees Celsius

The water flows naturally at 43 degrees Celsius. The predominant minerals are magnesium, copper and zinc, which allows their waters to be a powerful natural analgesic, as well as relaxing and rejuvenating skin.

Entrance of Balneario La Alameda