List of products by brand Balneario La Alameda

Gift Card
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Gift card that can be preloaded with the desired € value.

Physical version of the Experience that consists of a Postcard with a design Balneario La Alameda's logo, of high grammage cardboard and DIN A4 size; and a white envelope.
Digital version of the Experience that consists of a PDF automatically sent to your email.
Personal message.
Does not expire.
During the first three months from the date of purchase, you can reserve any day of the week that the Spa is open, depending on time availability. From the fourth month, it can only be booked on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Activation in 24 hours.
Book from the web once activated.
Magnesium Pool
Revitalize body and mind with the sodium-chloride water, high in magnesium content, of the dynamic pool at Balneario de la Alameda.

The mineral-medicinal waters of the Thermal Spa, when they are in motion, as in the dynamic pool, produce the desired revitalizing effect.
Magnesium Roman Bath
Relax, reduce anxiety and relieve joint pain, with the high temperature waters, high in magnesium content, at Balneario de la Alameda's Roman bath.

The mineral-medicinal waters of the Thermal Spa, being calm and at a high temperature, as in the Roman bath, produce an outstanding analgesic and anxiolytic effect.
Official Bathrobe
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Cover yourself with the soft fabric of the official bathrobe of the thermal Spa. Feel a fluffy experience in the form of a bathrobe to prolong the comfort of your session in the thermal Spa or at home. It has a belt so you can adjust it better and two pockets for more comfort, in addition to the exclusive logo of Balneario La Alameda in the upper left pocket.
Swimming Cap
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Bathing cap containing the logo of the thermal Spa, so you can proove that you have bathed in the exclusive hot springs of the city of Valencia ;)
Touching Therapy
The Touching Therapy and the mineral-medicinal waters of the Thermal Spa, with their anxiolytic and analgesic effects, go hand in hand, complement and enhance each other to make our body feel better than ever, and therefore our immune system is strengthened.