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Lala Café Bar - Artisan Pastry is a new concept in traditional cuisine and events, which arises from the heart and love that our grandmothers transmitted to us through the kitchen, making each celebration a special moment.

The values of Lala are: quality, family, teamwork and 100% handmade, with raw materials of first quality, free of hydrogenated fats, choosing the best butter, without preservatives or flavorings, or essences: lemons, Apples, oranges and other ingredients are peeled one by one by hand. Yes, just as you probably remember your grandmother did. Generating in our customers a unique and unrepeatable taste experience.

In Lala Café Bar - Artisan Pastry you will find cakes, biscuits, desserts, snacks and a wide variety of carefully prepared products. Our effort is to stand out and make you perceive the difference in the product and taste it.

Cooking is celebrating, is receiving, is giving. In doing so, by transforming that handful of ingredients into a dish, we are giving our best so that you can enjoy it.

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Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-2PM / 4PM-8PM; Saturday-Sunday 9AM-2PM / 5:20PM-8PM

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Emperor by Lala Pastelería
Bundle created in collaboration with Lala Pastelería. From Balneario La Alameda's side, the bundle includes: Magnesium Pool From Lala Pastelería's side, the bundle includes: Semi-cured cheese Emmenthal cheese Brie cheese Serrano ham Cranberries Nuts Malbec onion marmalade 2 glasses of Rioja wine 2 coffees
Lady Lala by Lala Pastelería
Bachelorette experience created in collaboration with Lala Pastelería. From Balneario La Alameda's side, the experience includes: Magnesium Pool From Lala Pastelería's side, the experience includes: Lunch or dinner consisting of finger foods and mini pastry Request information about prices, schedules, etc, by filling out the form located at the end of this page.