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It's a thermal Spa in a big city. There are very few cities in the world that have a mineral-medicinal water source in the urban area. In Valencia, we are the only ones that can be called urban thermal Spa.

The water flows naturally at 43 degrees Celsius. The predominant minerals are magnesium, copper and zinc, which allows their waters to be a powerful natural analgesic, as well as relaxing and rejuvenating skin.

Booth Treatment
50-minute therapeutic treatment that includes:

Chosen treatment, performed in a private cabin.
Private shower with soap for use before and after the main treatment.
Disposable underwear.
Disposable towel.
Magnesium Pool
Dynamic thermal pool containing, activated by several push buttons, the following effects: jets, hot tubs, bubble beds, waterfall, swan neck, bubble volcano and countercurrent jet, as well as our hyperthermal water and high mineralization (high magnesium content).
Magnesium Roman Bath
Thermal bath for exclusive use, consisting of a succession of saunas and pools at different temperatures, in order to provoke a thermal contrast. It contains a hot Magnesium Pool, a Magnesium Turkish Bath, a Finnish Sauna, and a warm Magnesium Pool.
Official Bathrobe
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Cover yourself with the soft fabric of the official bathrobe of the thermal Spa. Feel a fluffy experience in the form of a bathrobe to prolong the comfort of your session in the thermal Spa or at home. It has a belt so you can adjust it better and two pockets for more comfort, in addition to the exclusive logo of Balneario La Alameda in the upper left pocket.
Shower Cap
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Bathing cap containing the logo of the thermal Spa, so you can proove that you have bathed in the exclusive hot springs of the city of Valencia ;)