Dr. Salvador Laguarda

Specific programs performed and supervised by our doctor, Dr. Salvador Laguarda.

It consists of the insertion and manipulation of a number of needles in the acupuncture points chosen by the Physician, according to the pathology to be treated. To try to restore the patient's Health. In the Western world, acupuncture is the Chinese Medicine technique most accepted by the scientific sectors. Technique recognized by the WHO since 1979. It serves to treat both acute and chronic pain, which allows in some cases, decrease the consumption of NSAIDs. These are produced by the increase of endorphins in blood, due to the stimulation of the Central Nervous System. It also serves to treat minor pathologies of the nervous system such as anxiety, inadequate mood, and other disorders, such as some types of insomnia, etc.
Therapeutic practice that consists of stimulating reflex points in the ear to produce a response in which the organism will use its own resources to regain balance and health. In the West, the knowledge of auriculotherapy was developed from the 50s, in the hands of Dr. Frances, Paul Nogier. It can be applied as a single therapy or by accompanying other techniques such as chiromassage, lymphatic drainage, suction therapy, reflexology, etc. It is used to treat addictions (alcohol, tobacco, eating disorders, etc.); Obesity, weight loss diets; Insomnia, stress, emotional problems; Headache, migraines; Sciatica, facial paralysis.
Facial Mesotherapy
Treatment that is applied by very superficial microinjections for the prevention of facial aging, to improve wrinkles and flaccidity, and to achieve the global revitalization of facial skin. Among the substances most used for this treatment are: Hyaluronic Acid; Vitamin Cocktail; Antioxidants; Trace elements; Organic Silicon (allows to give a more solid structure to collagen).