Balneario La Alameda | Massages


Massages with durations of 25 or 50 minutes. Each of our massages focuses on a specific area of the body, in addition to presenting a specific degree of intensity. It is important to know that the intensity depends on the sensitivity of each patient.

As a guidline, next to each massage you can visualize with the graphic the area of the body to be treated, together with the intensity of the massage on a scale of low, medium or high intensity.

Body Area in the Massages

Relaxing Massage
Massage aimed at improving your well-being since its maximum objective is to increase the production of endorphins. Due to the sensitivity of the skin, the massage improves the function of glands, organs and nerves, while relaxing the muscles and providing a positive emotional feeling.
Head and Face Massage Japanese Lifting
Based on ancient techniques of embellishment of Japanese origin combined with oriental drainage of face, head and neck. It's like a facelift without surgery. The effect is of "rested face", the stress trace vanishes and the dermal tension recovers. With a continuous treatment over time, this type of therapy reduces wrinkles and sagging and improves the overall texture of the skin.
Sports Massage
Massage that prepares tissues for sports effort, prevention and recovery of injuries in training and competition. Recovery of injuries that occur and the physical shape of the athlete. They can be classified into three types of pre-competition, recovery and maintenance massages.
Massage with Honey
Therapy with more than 4000 years old. Through this massage the skin absorbs the vitamins, qualities and minerals of honey, thus achieving an improvement in blood circulation and normalizes the metabolism in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, while providing firmness to the muscles. With this treatment a purifying, rejuvenating, revitalizing, anti-cellulite and relaxing effect is achieved.