Balneario La Alameda | Magnesium Water

Magnesium Water

The water of Balneario La Alameda Spa is hyperthermal (they arise at 43°C), and of a high mineralization, they can exactly be defined as chlorinated sodium, magnesium and moderately sulphited and sulphonated.

Magnesium Pool
Dynamic thermal pool containing, activated by several push buttons, the following effects: jets, hot tubs, bubble beds, waterfall, swan neck, bubble volcano and countercurrent jet, as well as our hyperthermal water and high mineralization (high magnesium content).
Magnesium Roman Bath
Thermal bath for exclusive use, consisting of a succession of saunas and pools at different temperatures, in order to provoke a thermal contrast. It contains a hot Magnesium Pool, a Magnesium Turkish Bath, a Finnish Sauna, and a warm Magnesium Pool.