Magnesium Pressure Jet
Application of the Spa's mineral-medicinal water based on the projection of a water flow at certain temperature and pressure, which is directed manually and oriented to those areas to be treated following a predetermined path. It achieves an immediate effect of relief of pain close to a manual massage, so that it has relaxing, analgesic and toning effects.
Achieve greater physical and mental control in our Yoga sessions, held in a room designed under the principle of calm and silence. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in doing Yoga.
Official Bathrobe
In Stock
Cover yourself with the soft fabric of the official bathrobe of the thermal Spa. Feel a fluffy experience in the form of a bathrobe to prolong the comfort of your session in the thermal Spa or at home. It has a belt so you can adjust it better and two pockets for more comfort, in addition to the exclusive logo of Balneario La Alameda in the upper left pocket.
Relaxing Massage
Massage aimed at improving your well-being since its maximum objective is to increase the production of endorphins. Due to the sensitivity of the skin, the massage improves the function of glands, organs and nerves, while relaxing the muscles and providing a positive emotional feeling.
Celebrate those most important moments of your life in a unique place of the city of Valencia. Request information about prices, schedules, etc, by filling out the form located at the end of this page.